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Natural Language Processing and Machine Translation Software

Systems permit students to understand how these could help in the translation work in a more effective way. Moreover, they could have the opportunity to work with real systems and understand better the weaknesses and strengths in this field.

PCT – Portuguese Chinese Bilingual Dictionary

The system is a bilingual dictionary and it has more than 100,000 entries in the database; a simple to use and a trilingual user interface; a mouse-tracking function to retrieve the meaning of a word by pointing it with the mouse; and a Portuguese, Cantonese, and Mandarin pronunciation function.


PCT Bilingual Dictionary Interface


PCT Mouse Tracking Function

PCT Assistente – Portuguese-Chinese Machine Aided Translation System

PCT Assistente provides a simple interface to help users in doing the translation work, which is embedded in Microsoft Word environment. The system provides five main functions: the selection of the knowledge base to suit different subject needs; interactive translation with the participation of users; automatic translation to generate preliminary translations on the fly; show and hide to display the translated result against the original sentence; commit function to retain all the revised bilingual pairs to the knowledge base.


PCT Assistente Translation Interface

PCT TransLite

The system is mainly used for education purpose. Users are provided a simple interface to insert simple bilingual grammars and perform the translation based on the constructed grammar. Moreover, they could also review the tree structure of the sentence translated.


PCT TransLite Interface

Corpus creation, annotation and management tools

The system enables users to create, manually check, and modify the translation result before assigning a final annotation to the syntax tree and storing the results back to the database.


Corpus Annotation and Management System