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Macau is a city that has a high demand on the translation between Portuguese and Chinese languages. Both of them, considered as official languages, play an equal and important role in the local development of Macau.

To respond the demand needed, sponsored by “Fundação para a Cooperação e Desenvolvimento de Macau”, with the technological and linguistic studies supported from University of Macau, Tsinghua University, and INESC-MACAU, the project PCT (Portuguese-Chinese Bi-directional Translation and Pronunciation System) was created as a tentative to develop a scientific research in the automatic translation of the Portuguese and Chinese and vice-versa in Macau in 1996.

Due to our hard R&D work in the University of Macau, we got many achievements, including but not limited to :

  • We launched five press launching ceremonies of different Portuguese-Chinese Machine-Aided Systems and prototyping
  • We wrote several publications in journals and conferences
  • We were awarded locally and regionally from R&D of related projects
  • We have well trained and experienced students and Research Assistants from Bachelor to PhD levels

With the support of FDCT and University of Macau, Natural Language Processing & Portuguese-Chinese Machine Translation Laboratory is established to provide an interdisciplinary working area with related facilities to foster the research in these area and to provide more channels for users to utilize Machine-Aided translation tools.