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Welcome to NLP2CT

PhD Scholarship and UM Macau Talent Programme:

The University of Macau has launched: (1) PhD Scholarship and (2) UM Macau Talent Programme to interested applicants. More information can be found in the above links.



Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a multidisciplinary research work, especially in the research on Machine Translation (MT) between Portuguese and Chinese, as they come from different language families and topologies. It brings together experts from different areas, including skilled peoples from Computing Science,Mathematics as well as Theoretical Linguistics in conducting the research. Although they have varied interests, idea sharing and interaction between them will often seek for better outcomes and achievements. Our main missions are listed below:

  • Provide better interdisciplinary environment with facilities to foster the research of related technologies in Machine Translation;
  • Provide an excellent environment for educating talents;
  • Promote NLP and MT technologies knowledge around the region;
  • Provide a channel for training professional translators from Macau government departments, and companies for increasing the efficiency of their daily work through the help of Machine-Aided Translation tools.